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ePero®START Portal

ePero®START Portal

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About  the service 

The ePero®START Portal is the perfect solution for fast and simple e-signing of documents. In the office, at home, on vacation, in the branch office, while traveling, on a construction site or during lunch. Simply sign in and send any document for signature from anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

By using the Portal, we provide you and your signatories a secure signing of documents and conclusion of transactions. Opt for a simple digital transformation. Simplify your job and eliminate worries. Improve business relationships with the time saved and create more successful business.

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The ePero®START portal can be used by companies and organisations of all sizes in a variety of industries and in all fields. It can be adapted for use in every home office or industrial plant. 


Three steps to a signed document. Delivery notes, contracts, handover and takeover records, NDAs, personnel contracts, service orders, order forms or insurance policies. Upload the document, determine the signatories and send the document for remote signing. 



Sign a service order as soon as you've completed the final view, and rest assured of a high level of security. Strong two-factor authentication ensures that the signing process will take place without a hitch



Check whether a document has been signed, whenever and wherever. If it hasn't been, you can find out who is holding up the process while you wait.





No extra equipment needs to be purchased. On a laptop, tablet or smartphone. No extra investment or maintenance. The ePero®START portal is compatible with the existing systems you already use. Minimal equipment with a high level of security.


With a partner on the other side of the world, in another timezone, in one of the seven languages supported by the portal. You can also sign a sales contract without a qualified digital certificate.



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