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About proXSign®

SETCCE proXSign® is a full-featured, cross-platform set of components for X.509 PKI based digital signing, encryption and time-stamping. Programmable libraries offer simple, secure, legally compliant and seamless integration into any Web or desktop application.

proXSign® is the essential building block of information systems that enable truly paperless business processes. By using qualified digital signing and time-stamping, the legally binding business documents can be kept in electronic form. Furthermore, they can be processed and exchanged with business partners, clients, and the government free of the cost of paper and postal service charges.

Employment of SETCCE proXSign® SDK gives an opportunity to significantly decrease the cost of paper-driven business processes. Savings of up to 80 per cent can be achieved.

proXSign® includes also timestamping client used for digital signatures validity preservation on a long-term basis. proXSign® can be used in combination with the Evidence Record Syntax (ERS) system eKeeper®.

Note: Only SETCCE proXSign® SDK for Web applications is available in online store.


  1. Programmable libraries support most commonly used digital signature types in XML format (XMLDSig and XAdES) or PDF (PKCS#7 and PAdES),
  2. Support for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and all popular browsers
  3. Support for digital certificate installed in on external device (smart cards/ smart USB keys) or in browser certificate store ("soft" digital certificates)
  4. RSA/DSA signing crypto algorithms
  5. silent installation (WIN).
  6. batch signing
  7. multiple signatures
  8. watermark support
  9. support for virtualized/multiuser environments...


  • Fast, easy, intuitive, seamless integration in any existing desktop and web application (supported autoupdate)
  • support for wide range of web browsers (one/single setup package for all browsers)
  • support for wide range of operating systems
  • Integration is supported via single JavaScript API for all platforms and web browsers.
    case scenarios can easily be tested/checked in advance by using powerful proXSign® on-line testing tool.

SETCCE proXSign® v2 supports the following standards:

  • W3C XMLDsig
  • W3C XMLEnc
  • Adobe PDF (ISO/IEC 32000-1:2008)
  • PDF/A
  • Client for time-stamping server (ETSI XAdES-T or Entrust XML scheme

New generation of proXSign® components follows provisions of Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 (eIDAS).

Digital signing components for web applications are licensed separately as per functionality, operating system and number of domains.

  • Digital signature type/functionality (XML suite, PDF suite or/and time-stamping)
  • Operating system compatibility (Windows, macOS or Linux platform)
  • Number of domains
  • Support for virtualized environments; Citrix, Microsoft RDP, VMWare

Example: proXSign® XML digital signature component for Windows, or proXSign® client for time-stamping for macOS.

A license may be obtained for a bundle of components supporting more signature types/functionalities, operating systems or domains.

A regular proXSign® license is limited to the customer-specified domain name (the URL from which your web application is accessible) and is not limited in terms of number of end-users.

Example: if the web application into which you integrate the proXSign® component is running under "", you will purchase a domain name license for "*".

In order to obtain a royalty-free (unlimited domains) package please contact us directly!

Please note, that your production license file will be issued in 5 business days.